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Photograb LS

CNC Laser etching machine

The laser systems from the series Photograb LS and the Galaxy Stone LS software have been developed directly from Helios Automazioni engineers to answer the several requests regarding etching and marking on all types of stones, ceramics, glass, wood, leather, etc… The flexibility of the laser system allows to achieve several machining suitable to different application fields from sacred art to interior design. High definition photo reproduction at very low management costs.


Stainless steel structure Thanks to the stainless steel, from the fixing bolts to the structure, Helios Photograb LS is a sturdy machine, that preserves its quality over the time;
High-quality electronics The electronic components of Helios Photograb LS have got CE and UL/CSA certifications, important quality indicators. The software and the controlling unit can manage the intensity of the laser source with excellent finishing results at low management costs;
Adjustable height The possibility to adjust the height of the nozzle is a great advantage for the laser processes. This flexibility makes it possible to work any type of material, independently from their thickness. The Photograb LS series can process from 1 to 230 mm thick slabs (from 0,04 in to 9,05 in);
Galaxy Stone software The Galaxy Stone software managers the laser etching machine Helios Photograb LS and allows to reproduce images, photos, and vector drawings on a wide range of materials;
Command consolle The machine has got a PC with integrated software, LCD monitor, a mouse, and a keyboard placed on the command consolle.

Technical data

Photograb LS Photograb LS plus Photograb LS mega
Overall dimensions 67,32 x 60,24 x H40,16 in 104,72 x 60,24 x H40,16 in 136,22 x 103,54 x H40,16 in
Working area X49,21 – Y37,40 – Z9,05 in X86,61 – Y35,43 – Z9,05 in X118,11 – Y78,74 – Z9,05 in
Working speed 2362,20 in/min 2362,20 in/min 2362,20 in/min
Power supply 220 V (3P + N + GND) 50/60 Hz 220 V (3P + N + GND) 50/60 Hz 220 V (3P + N + GND) 50/60 Hz
Laser source power 80 / 150 W 80 / 150 W 80 / 150 W
Laser source autonomy about 10.000 hours about 10.000 hours about 10.000 hours
Net weight 661,39 lb 992,08 lb 2204,62 lb


Tilting table with easy load system (only on Helios Photograb LS mega version)