5-axis bridge saw

Helios Cut 500 is a fast and performing 5 interpolated axes bridge saw. It has been developed for high precision cutting processes on marble, granite and synthetic materials. The exclusive characteristic is the stainless steel monolithic structure, which guarantees a total endurance against corrosion. The tilting table with the Easy-load system, allows the loading of the slabs without the minimal effort. The bridge saw Helios Cut 500 can be equipped with the exclusive Xtouch software and the PhotoScan, which manage the cutting phases very easily

Technical data

Stainless steel structure Thanks to the monolithic stainless steel structure, Helios Cut 500 is a sturdy machine, that preserves its quality over the time;
Precision and reliability The use of recirculating ball screws and zero backlash gears makes the machine’s movements extremely precise, thus producing highly detailed works;
High-quality electronics The electronic components of the Helios Cut 500 series have got CE and UL/CSA certifications, important quality indicators. The machining centers from the Helios Cut 500 series are equipped with high efficiency brushless motors;
Laser marker The device shows in advance the passage of the disk, indicating the correct position of the cut;
Software Xtouch Helios Cut 500 is managed by the Xtouch software, which allows to cut a wide range of materials automatically, thanks also to the interaction of the PhotoScan;
Command consolle The command consolle includes everything you need to control the machine: the touch screen display, the mouse, the keyboard, the command buttons and the joystick. It is possible to use the machine remotely thanks to a portable consolle.


Cut 500
Overall dimensions 212,60 x 127,95 x 106,30 in
Working area x133,86 – y78,35 – z12,60 in
W axis rotation 0° – Unlimited
A axis rotation from 0° to 90°
Spindle power 7,5 kW (S1)
Spindle rotation speed 0 – 2800 RPM
Table dimensions x129,92 – y78,74 in
Power supply 400 V (3P + N + GND) 50/60 Hz
Installed power 12 kW
X-axis speed movement 1181,10 in/min
Y-axis speed movement 787,40 in/min
Z-axis speed movement 472,44 in/min
Disk diameter min. 13,78 in – max. 196,8 in
Max. cutting depth 5,12 in (19,68 in disk)
Disk hole diameter 1,57 in


Tilting table with the Easy Load system PhotoScan, the system of photographic acquisition of shapes