About Kamiteka

5 Facts about KAMITEKA:

  1. Age of employees 27 to 38 years
  2. Sales cnc machine amounts from € 4,500 to € 1,015,000
  3. Answer for requests from 1 min to 120 min (You can check it out in our live chat)
  4. Sales countries where sales were made: Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Belarus, Russia, Czech Republic, Poland, Finland, Czech Republic.
  5. Languages we speak: English, Belarusian, Russian, Lithuanian, Polish, Czech, Ukrainian
  6. KAMITEKA Growth Over 100% Annually (True, there are six facts :)

94 words about KAMITEKA:

KAMITEKA was established in 2016 in order to increase the sales and service level of machine tools in the Baltic market. Today, KAMITEKA aims to become the no. 1 supplier:

FIBER LASER machine and MILLING machine in the Baltic States. The KAMITEKA team is quick to respond to inquiries in the market because we believe that fast and quality service is no longer a must, but a ticket to entry the market. This is only possible with our core value – KAMITEKA motivated and energetic team.

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