RUBY HD plasma-oxygen plasma cutting machine

RUBY HD plasma-oxygen plasma cutting machine

Proven construction, brand components and excellent cutting results. A new player among CNC plasma and oxygen cutting machines.


The Ruby HD plasma-oxygen plasma cutting machine is designed for businesses looking for measurable benefits at an extremely attractive price. It is a device whose most important features are: brand components, optimized construction, ergonomic handling, good cutting quality and low running costs.

Main advantages

  • Attractive price for a richly equipped basic version
  • High class equipment from prestigious suppliers
  • Cutting capacity of steel from 1 mm to 100 mm thickness
  • High durability thanks to the independent construction of the bridge and working table
  • Solid construction based on steel profiles
  • Unmatched ease of use
  • Excellent cutting results thanks to the plasma sources of a reputed brand

Support allows fully use of equipped plasma torch. Except classical cutting, there is possibility of plasma marking with lower amperage.

Technical data

Model Rubin HD
Drives Servo AC
Cutting width 1500 mm, 2000 mm
Basic working length 3000 mm, 6000 mm
Positioning speed 15000 mm/min
Cutting thickness up to 100 mm
Positioning accuracy PN-EN 28206
Safety standard PN-EN 13850

Standard plasma power supplies

Kjellberg Max. piercing Max. from the edge
SmartFocus 200e 30 mm 60 mm
SmartFocus 300e 40 mm 80 mm

Given data depends on the material involved and its structure. The ability to pierce depends on the material, thickness and also height sensor, and drive.

Fans are used to extract vapors and exhaust gases generated during metal cutting operations from the suction table. Depending on the situation, fans can be installed indoor or outdoor.