JANTAR plasma and oxygen cutting machine

JANTAR plasma and oxygen cutting machine

High speed, precision and versatility. The most popular plasma and oxygen cutting machine


Jantar is the most chosen model among all the Eckert’s machines, because of it’s dynamics and cost effectiveness. Jantar is used by several hundred large and small companies in whole Europe that pursuit unsurpassed performance and low working costs.

Jantar cutting machine can be equipped with plasma and oxygen system. Additionally its functionality can be improved by utilizing our wide range of additional equipment (plasma and punch marking, drilling and also tubes, pipes and profiles machining).

Main features

  • attractive price of richly equipped basic version
  • highly dynamic 2D precision cutting of sheets, tubes, pipes and profiles
  • capability of processing plates from 0,5 mm to 100 mm thickness
  • expanded base of predefined cutting parameters
  • unlimited possibility of increasing the length of the working area
  • individual customizing options

Technical data

Model Jantar
Drives Servo AC
Cutting width 1500, 2000, 2500, 3000 mm
Basic working length Any length from 1500 mm
Positioning speed 25000 mm/min
Cutting thickness to 100 mm
Cutting quality DIN-EN ISO 9013
Positioning accuracy DIN-EN 28206
Cutting table height 740-760 mm

Standard plasma power supplies

Hypertherm Max. piercing Max. from the edge
Powermax 65 16 mm 32 mm
Powermax 85 20 mm 38 mm
Powermax 105 22 mm 50 mm
MaxPRO 200 32 mm 75 mm
XPR 170 40 mm 60 mm
XPR 300 50 mm 80 mm
Kjellberg Max. piercing Max. from the edge
PA-S45W 20 mm 45 mm
HiFocus 80i 15 mm 25 mm
HiFocus 130 25 mm 40 mm
HiFocus 161i Neo 30 mm 50 mm
HiFocus 280i Neo 40 mm 70 mm
HiFocus 360i Neo 50 mm 80 mm
Thermal Dynamics Przebijanie Odcięcie
UltraCut 100 15 mm 20 mm
UltraCut 200 40 mm 65 mm
UltraCut 300 45 mm 75 mm

Given data depends on the material involved and its structure. The ability to pierce depends on the material, thickness and also height sensor, and drive.