Dinamica – Warcom Press brakes

Dinamica – Warcom Press brakes

The synchronized press brake model DINAMICA meets the highest technology level of Warcom’s product range, with high performance of precision and productivity.
DINAMICA is equipped with a full touch screen 19” CNC.
It has an increased distance between table and upper beam and Y axis stroke, a CAN/BUS digital system, heat exchanger, soundproof hydraulic pump on standard equipment.
DINAMICA is characterized by an elegant design with attention to every details.
DINAMICA is the machine designed for the most demanding customers who need an ergonomic, functional, accurate and fast press brake. It is the best machine for job-shop, service centers and sheet metal working factories and for all who are looking for high quality and productivity.

Product description

Standard Equipment

DINAMICA 4 axis hydraulic press brake
Guide systems

Hardened and ground double guide

CNC control / Electrical system

2D TALENTO Touch screen  CNC video-graphic control
CAN BUS motors
DCS plus Dynamic crowning system
BCS bending control system

Back gauge
2 axis RPW back gauge with CAN OPEN motors.
X axis stroke  of 800 mm
R axis stroke of 150 mm
N.2 finger stops adjustable from the front .
Adjustable intermediate clamps
Lower tools clamping
Self – centring bench ( 60 mm )
Heat  exchanger.
N.2 CE standard front support arms
Sound proofed pump
Safety system

LAZER SAFE CE safety system device
Machine in accordance to directive 2006/42/CE mark


DINAMICA 4 axis hydraulic press brake

Back gauge

Extra finger stop
4 axis (X R Z1 Z2) back gauge
5 axis ( X R Z1 Z2 X5 ) back gauge
6 axis (X R Z1 Z2 X5 X6) back gauge

Clamping tooling
WTC Pneumatic upper  tool clamping
Pneumatic lower tool clamping
Single pneumatic Kit
Double pneumatic kit
WILA hydraulic upper tool clamping
WILA hydraulic lower tool clamping
Single hydraulic kit
Double hydraulic kit
Quick manual upper  tool clamping  with lever
Quick manual lower  tool clamping  with lever
Special extensions to get boxes profiles

BCS angle control

BCS angle control system  for the control of the bending angle

CNC control  / Electrical systems
DELEM CNC control

Front support arms
Frontal support arms in stainless steel material with horizontal and vertical adjustment
Frontal support arms with horizontal and vertical adjustment for press brakes over 200 tons.
A1 A2 mechanical sheet followers.

Video assistance On/Line

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