Evoluta – Warcom Press brakes

Evoluta – Warcom Press brakes

EVOLUTA radically revolutionizes the bending process, presenting itself as the best choice for those who desire the newest and most advanced technology.
The concept and design of EVOLUTA have the fundamental aim of creating an innovative press brake with a UNIQUE technological bending process.
The technical features of EVOLUTA will ensure maximum flexibility to meet every bending requirement.
Thanks to the FCS (Full Compensation System) with dual automatic compensation in “real time”, you’ll get perfect bending results.
The design of the hydraulic unit allows for very fast and efficient ram movement reaching approaching and return speeds of up to 240 mm/sec (560 In/Min) and bending speed up to 30 mm/sec (70 In/Min).
This high bending speed is allowed, but also in compliance with European standards, thanks to the new safety system IRIS by LazerSafe.
EVOLUTA’s new technology will revolutionize your work process, ensuring high productivity and quality for all of your products; accuracy, repeatability and flatness of the bent sheet metal profile are guaranteed with any type of material and thickness.
EVOLUTA press brake is built with top quality materials and components and is characterized by a refined design which is a signature of any machine MADE BY WARCOM

Product description

Standard Equipment

3 axis hydraulic press brake mod. UNICA

Guide system

Auto lubricated sliding guides

CNC control/ Electrical system

Alphanumeric CNC control

Back gauge

X axis back gauge

X axis stroke of 500 mm


Adjustable intermediate clamps

V-die clamping

Self centring bench


Heat exchanger

N. 2 front support arms of 500 mm

Safety sytem

CE LAZER SAFE safety system device.

Machine in accordance with 2006/42/CE Mark.


3 axis hydraulic press brake model  UNICA

Back gauge

Extra finger stops
N.2 adjustable finger stops.
2 axis (X R) back gauge
4 axis (X R Z1 Z2) back gauge
5 axis (X R Z1 Z2 X5) back gauge
6 axis (X R Z1 Z2 X5 X6) back gauge

Tool clamping

WTC pneumatic upper tool clamping .
Pneumatic lower tool clamping
Single pneumatic kit
double pneumatic kit
WILA hydraulic upper tool clamping
WILA hydraulic lower tool clamping
Single hydraulic kit
Double pneumatic kit
Quick manual adjustable upper tool clamping with lever
Quick  manual adjustable lower tool clamping with lever
Special extensions to get boxes profiles.

BCS system

Patented BCS “ bending control system “ to check the angle during the bending phase .

CNC control / Electrical system

TALENTO 2D Video graphic  touch screen control
DELEM CNC control
DCS plus dynamic crowning system
Manual crowing table with wedges
WILA motorized crowing table controlled by CNC

Front support arms

Front support arms in S.S. material with horizontal and vertical adjustment
Heacy duty front support arms with horizontal and vertical adjustment for press barkes over 200 tons.
A1 A2 mechanical sheet followers


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