Wide format CNC routers VOLTER

Wide format CNC routers VOLTER

The range of our wide-format milling and engraving complexes includes machines with a working area dimensions starting from 1,610х1,610mm.

Choosing the equipment in this series, you are guaranteed to receive the following:

  • the 24/7 continuous operability of the equipment;
  • high work efficiency; an optimized set of options for solving problems in each specific case;
  • high accuracy of operations;
  • friendly, intuitive interface; an innovative computer-controlled machine control system.
  • Warranty – 2 years.

General information

VOLTER machines represent completely functional, ready-made solution for cutting and milling (including 3-D milling) of various materials such as different plastics, acrylic glass, composite materials, wood, medium density fibreboard, woodchip board, non-ferrous metals, artificial stones (melamine), vinyl, sheet leather.

Wide range of machining tools allows performance of many operations such as milling cutting, drilling, chamfering, trimming, boring, slotting, grooving, engraving, notching, V-turning, 3D-processing, swinging blade cutting.

Such variety of materials and processing operations is achieved due to extremely flexible principle of completion of VOLTER machines with processing units and handling systems in combination with multifunctional and adjustable machine computer control system.

Frame and working area

The frame represents the bearing structure and the base of the machine. The most advanced solution – all-welded steel frames – is used in production of VOLTER CNC Routers. They are characterized by high strength and stability of geometrical dimensions. Due to such structure of the frame VOLTER machines do not need any special installation site. Each frame is annealed thermally (thermal heating is performed) in special furnaces. Then the frame is processed at high-precision machining centers where leveling of the working area surface takes place and the points for installation of racks and linear guides are milled.

The frame serves as the base for the so called “work table”, i.e. the surface for placing and fixing of sheets of material processed. There are several standard sizes for width and length of the work table:

Machine model The length of the working area, mm. The width of the working area, mm.
VOLTER 1616 1610 1610
VOLTER 2016 2200 1610
VOLTER 3016 3200 1610
VOLTER 3020 3200 2150
VOLTER 4016 4200 1610
VOLTER 4020 4200 2150
VOLTER 6016 6200 1610
VOLTER 6020 6200 2150

The work table is made of high-strength extruded aluminum profiles.Material is fixed either with the clamps or by means of the vacuum hold-down system. In the latter case the working area is divided into vacuum zones and the machine is delivered complete with the vacuum pump.

Machining tool and spindle

The mill is geared by the spindle installed at the gantry consisting of the saddle and the carriage. “Ball-and-screw unit” type mechanism serves as the actuating mechanism of the saddle for spindle Z-axis travel. The saddle itself travels along the carriage by means of the “pinion-rack” drive (Y-axis positioning).
The gantry travels along the working area of the machine by the guides driven by the “pinion-rack” drive (X-axis positioning).

Standard gantry clearance along the Z-axis is 160 mm.

Spindle capacity and type are chosen depending on machine application and types of materials processed. Two spindles can be installed on one carriage.

Machine control

The machine is controlled from the touch screen monitor. Easy and effective control system VOLTER CS ensures maximum efficiency of the machine. Intuitive interface and touch screen monitor allow to reduce the time of the operator’s mastering of the machine to the minimum. Each VOLTER machine is equipped with the manual control console located on the gantry and enabling manual tool positioning.

Job files are transferred to the machine via Ethernet (LAN) or via USB flash-drive.


Embedded software of the VOLTER CS controller allows to perform the following functions:

– zero point search

– switching the vacuum pump and chip pan on and off

– 2 operating modes of the tool lubrication and cooling system: manual and automatic

– pause mode and going to any segment of the cutting program which is executed

– task performance timing at the program start and displaying of the time left till the end of the program

– gantry squaring

– assigning of the number of current tool

– tool length calibration

– file handling (copying, deleting) in the machine memory and on the USB flash-drive

VOLTER Company constantly improves its software. At connection to the Internet the controller performs automatic check for updates and installs them.

VOLTER machines work with the nc format files (G-code). Different programs can be used for preparation of the files: ArtCam, EnRoute, TYPE3, PowerMill and others.

Mechanical assemblies

Advanced servo motors are used for all axis in VOLTER machines. Such solution ensures high precision and speed of the task performance. Pinion-toothed rack drives actuated by servo motors through planetary gearheads are installed at the X-axis (2 motors) and Y-axis (1 motor). The “ball-and-screw unit” type Z-axis drive is actuated by the servo motor through the belt transmission.  Maximum X-axis and Y-axis travelling speed is 600 mm/sec (36 m/min), Z-axis travelling speed – 100 mm/sec.

Frame design Welded frame, annealed
Vacuum compressor system of press material AirBlower BUSCH SAMOS 7,5 kw
Spindle type Air cooling
Spindle rotations From 1000 to 24000 rot/min.
Spindles HITECO 4,5kW 24000RPM
HITECO 6,6kW 24000RPM (QR)
HITECO 10kW 24000RPM (QR)
Holders ER32; ISO30
Servomotors 750 W per all axis
Servomotor quantity Axis Х: 2

Axis  Y: 1

Axis Z: 1

Reductors Axys Х and Y
Helical Rack Axys Х and Y
Ball screw Axis Z
Maximum movement speeds Axys Х, Y: 500 mm/s

Axis Z: 100 mm/s

Gantry clearance 160 mm
Travel amplitude Axis Z: 240 mm
Position accuracy 0,02 mm
Controller VOLTER CS

Technical features

Model Work zone, мм Dimensions (LхWхH), mm Weight, kg
VOLTER 1616 1610 х 1610 2700 х 2050 х 1600 900
VOLTER 2016 2200 х 1610 3300 х 2050 х 1600 1200
VOLTER 3016 3200 х 1610 4300 х 2050 х 1600 1500
VOLTER 3020 3200 х 2150 4300 х 2300 х 1600 1800
VOLTER 4016 4200 х 1610 5300 х 2050 х 1600 1800
VOLTER 4020 4200 х 2150 5300 х 2300 х 1600 2200
VOLTER 6016 6200 х 1610 7300 х 2050 х 1600 2600
VOLTER 6020 6200 х 2150 7300 х 2300 х 1600 3100

Aluminum cutting

Aluminum composite panel cutting

Plywood cutting